With spring in our sights many of us are gearing up for a great Summer. Whether you are cleaning up around the house or getting the boats ready to put in the water, we all have our list of chores. Here are a few things each homeowner should inspect in the spring to get ahead of any issues that may arise later in the summer. Doing this now means more time enjoying all Michigan has to offer in the summer!

Inspect Roof & Gutters – Your homes roof is the first line of defense against water damage. Checking the roof and gutters to make sure future rain water will drain properly is very important. There may be a build up of leaves in the corners of a roof as well as in the gutters that should be cleaned.

Replace HVAC Filters – After a long winter of constantly using your furnace to heat your home, your systems air filter has taken a beating. This is an easy DIY job too! Inspect the filter and replace is necessary. Typically manufacturers suggest you change your systems air filter every 6 months. 

Screen Maintenance – If you plan to open your windows this summer to let some fresh air in, it is suggested you clean your screens and check for small holes in need of repair. Gently scrub your screens with soapy water and if there are any holes in need of repair you can simply patch with something like this!

Check Foundation Vents – If your house has a crawl space this one is for you. Check the foundation vents around your home for build up of leaves and other debris. These vents are key in providing circulation under your home and helps to prevent against excess moisture and mold growth. 

Luckily most of these items are able to be completed DIY style. Although, if you feel your in the need a full home maintenance inspection feel free to call us at (517) 927-5124 or schedule an appointment online now here!